The Pelican - Prints


A funny old bird is the pelican.
His beak can hold more than his belican.
Food for a week
He can hold in his beak,
But I don’t know how in the helican.

Here you'll find a selection of deluxe and gallery-wrapped giclee prints on canvas.  I grew up on the Pacific Ocean and one of Australia's largest lakes just north of Sydney.  Pelicans can have up to a ten-foot wingspan!  I loved watching their graceful manoeuvres as they dived into the water to catch a huge mouthful of fish!  They are truly magnificent birds and one of their 8 varieties can be found on all of the continents other than Antarctica!  

  • Our deluxe prints are created using Luster Fine Art paper. 
  • Prints in these sizes will not be matted but will come rolled in a tube.
  • Gallery-wrapped giclee prints are created on canvas

The ORIGINAL painting is available here!