Mike & Mary Peach-Faced Lovebirds - Original Painting


Mike and Mary are mates for life, and you can bring them home when you claim this special original. These affectionate lovebirds perch together no matter the weather, enjoying each other’s company without so much as a chirp between them. Let these blissful birds of a feather bring warmth to your living space and a smile to your face! 

Details: Mike & Mary measures 8 inches on a round birch panel.

  • Tranquil colors and shades make this piece perfect for living areas or bedrooms
  • Mike and Mary go well with other birds in my Australia Collection
  • You can get a print, but there’s only one original of this sweet pair!
  • Enjoy FREE SHIPPING to the continental USA

You can order your choice of a deluxe print or print on a round birch panel here!