Out of the Ether - Triptych - Deluxe Prints


Ether was once considered the 5th element.  It fills the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere.  Ether is space, stillness.  It is that which connects us to spirit, intuition, other realms, and planes.  

An important part of my artistic practice and studio ritual begins by rubbing some essential oils between the palms of my hands and praying to the muses and our higher power to grant me a bounty of creativity as I step up to the easel.  Open my heart and mind to new ideas.  Allow my brushes to fly across the surface bringing ideas from the ether into fruition and this realm. 

These three paintings are the key pieces to this new collection.

Why buy one when you can own all three! It's difficult to tell from the photos but there are some rich areas of pearlescent ink mixed in with the array of blues, greens, turquoise, and aquamarine hues.

***PLEASE NOTE: The enlargements you see above the couch on the wall image, are of large prints created for a specific space.  You can purchase larger prints of these images on metal, canvas, or paper here.

Own the Original Triptych today!