ARLO - Green Budgie Original Painting


This is the original Arlo. There’s no one quite like him. This yellow-and-green budgie (a “parakeet” in American terms) is one of many who live in my homeland of Australia. It’s awe-inspiring to see a flock of them taking off. Bring the vibrancy of nature into your home when you place stately Arlo in your kitchen, living area, or den. He pairs well with the originals of other budgies (so check them all out!).

Details: 8-inches, acrylic on birch panel

  • Exotic natural colors make this piece enjoyable in just about any room.
  • You can get a print, but there’s only one original Arlo!
  • Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on this vibrant, one-of-a-kind piece

Budgie deluxe prints on archival paper, or round birch panels available here