16 of 31 - "Moo"

#16 of 31 - “Moo” - Halfway to 31!! Woohoo or should I say “moohoo.” I swear it’s the meds I’m on ha!! My first ever cow painting! They are lovely creatures I just know it. I’m sure my farm friends will tell me their tales! Sides are left white on this one.
Random story: I had a Godmother named Muriel and we used to call her Moo. Lol. I said it was random!! 🤣🤣
So this is one of my catch-up paintings since I was out of the studio for a trip to a conference. Slowly getting there. So far I’ve been blessed to be fairing relatively well I believe with this “COWVID” crud. This series will be shipped at the end of the month after these are scanned and packaged.